Daniel Gjoni(Architect)

Hotel “Uji i Ftohtë” Tepelenë

Location:Tepelena - Albania
Typology: Hospitality
Author|s:Daniel Gjoni, Anila Katundi, Ermonel Monka, Elida Goga, Elid Shaqiri
Year of realisation:2020
Collaborators:Ave Consulting, Arben Dervishaj, Ervin Paçi Artan Dersha, Orion Zavalani
Photography: Gisel Dollani
Hotel “Uji i Ftohtë” Tepelenë
“Uji i ftohtë” Hotel in Tepelene has historically served as a rest area for travelers, characterized by its natural and ample water sources along the national road. The new hotel is built in the same location as the old structure, which once functioned as a leisure and recreational area but had become dilapidated and unusable. The project development began as a request from the investor to create a modern hub for hospitality and recreation. The fundamental concept resembles a tree, with concrete roots, a concrete trunk, and a steel structure, like branches branching out from this concrete core.
Photography: Gisel Dollani
Photography: Gisel Dollani
The architecture of the building is designed to be dynamic, with minimal environmental impact, serving not only as a hotel but also as a significant leisure space. The materials used in the facade, such as wood cladding and glass, give it a modern and rational appearance. The horizontal architectural elements of the balconies, which add dynamism to the structure, also serve as strong shading elements. Great care has been taken in the surrounding arrangements to maintain and enhance communication and fluidity. The area around the building has been reconfigured to create various relaxation zones, striking a balance between leisure and immersion in nature.



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