Ilir Loshaj & Fuat Prebeza(Architect)

ES Villa

Location:Brezovicë - Kosovë
Typology: Residential
Author|s:Ilir Loshaj, Fuat Prebeza, Lirije Loshaj, Jetmir Jahaj, Festina Mustafa
Year of realisation:2022
Collaborators:Kushtrim Pllana, Kreativ Qeramika, Solos, AMW Interiors, Dizi Metal, Keani, Iliria Parket, Adria - 7
Photography: Leonit Ibrahimi
ES Villa
Designing the concept of ES Villa, was a professional challenge accepted with humble. The main goal was to create a harmonious environment, suitable with the natural characteristics of the Sharri Mountains, which would offer a warm and inspiring mountain experience.
Photography: Leonit Ibrahimi
Photography: Leonit Ibrahimi
The project started from the idea of constructing a space that would absorb the natural characteristics of the terrain. The use of simple geometric shapes and a sloping roof presents natural elegance in the design. Light interventions in the facade and the use of natural materials such as wood and stone, mixed with simple forms characteristic of the area, contributed to the integration of the building into its landscape. The large windows were carefully used to catch the warm rays of the sun during the harsh winter, providing a warm environment and overwritten by the panoramic views of the picturesque nature that surrounds it. The project required a composition of structures and architecture that would reflect the unique character of the region and which would adapt to the climatic conditions of the country, but also to the client’s requirements. In this way, Villa ES stands proudly in the Sharri Mountains as a special building, magnificently adapted to the country’s landscape and culture.



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