Arbër Shala(Architect)

“LINDA Premium Residence” Buildings A, B and C

Location:Prishtina - Kosova
Typology: Residential, Commercial
Author|s:Arbër Shala
Year of realisation:2017-2020
Collaborators:Fatlum Bërdynaj, Festim Krasniqi, Erisa Berisha, Leonita Krasniqi, Ruzhdi Morina, Kushtrim Mehmeti, Pajtim V. Gashi, Blerim Koci
Photography: Dren Shala
“LINDA Premium Residence” Buildings A, B and C
The in-depth analysis of the location and surroundings of the residential complex “Linda Premium Residence” is an example of a wise and well-informed approach to architecture. The stunning view that this area offers is a rich source of inspiration and this aspect is finely reflected in the design of the residential complex. The use of terrain to create terraces and bridges, bringing nature and gardens closer to residential units, is a prudent choice that is harmonized with the environment. This concept expresses a substantive connection with the Albanian architectural tradition and the use of its elements in a contemporary context, as a wonderful way to preserve and reward cultural heritage through contemporary architecture.
Photography: Dren Shala
Photography: Dren Shala
Positioned at the entrance to the city of Pristina, on the hill of Veternik, the “Linda Premium Residence” complex consists of 11 residential buildings with 400 independent units that meet all the needs for a modern active life. The integration of sufficient spaces in the urban design of the complex offers opportunities for recreation, parks and oases with playgrounds, where the connection with nature and greenery dominates on the surface, while all parking lots are positioned on the underground floors. Such architectural projects are living examples of how modern design can be combined with traditional values in order to enrich the urban landscape.



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