Gëzim Paçarizi(Architect)

Mother Theresa Museum

Location:Prizren - Kosova
Typology: Cultural
Author|s:Gëzim Paçarizi
Year of realisation:2010-2020
Collaborators:Enesa Xheladini
Photography: Gëzim Paçarizi
Mother Theresa Museum
The “Museum of Mother Teresa” in Prizren represents an excellent architectural effort for the use of space in a limited environment. Winner of a competition in 2009, this project is a landmark in the city. Located in front of the Catholic Cathedral of Prizren, has an emotional and historical connection with the place as Mother Teresa’s parents were crowned there. The small space where it is located, on an area of 112m2 , has been used with exceptional skill. The project built around the idea of empty space - void, without a pre-specified program, has brought an excellent result. A space created by three blocks, one above the other, occupying a place on one side of the street affirming the three single windows, in relation to the heritage of the city. While the museum displays an external simplicity in its form, it exemplifies a great spatial richness within. The use of light from above and the movement of volumes vertically and horizontally made the building appear larger and provide a stunning experience for visitors. The depth of the interior design is focused on the high vertical spaces, using the play of light and shadow to reveal details on the upper floors. No matter which floor of the building you are on, you are always in the same space.
Photography: Gëzim Paçarizi
Photography: Gëzim Paçarizi
The play of light and the displacement of volumes woven vertically and horizontally make the museum feel much larger than reality. From the outside, the Museum does not differ from the old houses of the neighborhood, there are three volumes, one above the other, with a single opening for each floor. These volumes are positioned above the street on each floor, communicating with the city and the street, but also protecting the entrance to the building from rain. The external simplicity of the building hides a great spatial richness inside. The light coming from above encourages viewing and discovery of the spaces on the upper floors covered with a semi-arch pierced with 18 zenithal openings. The first and second floors function as galleries around the main space. In the basement is a projection room for conferences followed by technical spaces. The arch on the roof, affirms the public building, because most of the old buildings in Prizren are covered with arches and domes in contrast to the roofs of the houses with red tiles.



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